Our Mission

We give meticulous attention to the smallest details of the land development process in order to realize your property’s full potential. Increasing the market value of raw land is our top priority.

About Us

National Land Developers (NLD) is a privately owned commercial real estate development and investment company operating primarily in the industrial sector.

NLD is an innovative company of experienced land development professionals focused on acquiring, developing and selling Industrial Land in the Northeastern US. When our team embarks on a project, our intent is to maximize the property’s use and increase its value through entitlement. Our keen ability to understand unique and complex site requirements allows NLD to offer unmatched value in build-to-suit projects for our clients.

Realize The Potential

The best method to determine the real value of a property is to research it’s market potential. Even before we acquire a parcel, our team of experienced real estate and construction professionals perform due diligence with the intent of uncovering undiscovered value. This is how National Land Developers is able to make above-market offers to acquire land.

Market Research

The market conditions in the Northeast are creating commercial opportunities for land owners like never before.

Land Development

National Land Developers can guide you through the process of realizing your property’s full potential.


Our team of real estate professionals can match your property’s potential with motivated commercial developers.